Women make up approximately 10 % of the senior scientists in UK universities, government labs, public science bodies and industry.

In smaller institutions this can be isolating. Scotland has a strong science base but building a network is not easy. Explore the map to find the name, job title, and keywords of a nearby 'sister' and expert.
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  • - Women in senior leadership positions
  • - Team leaders
  • - Senior managers
  • - Female professors
  • - Government scientists

What you will get

  • - A cup of coffee with a senior female scientist
  • - Support or a piece of advice
  • - An opportunity to sign up for specific training e.g. 'principled negotiating'
  • - Maybe an invitation to speak to younger scientists at a science festival or careers event
  • - Maybe an invitation from the media to provide an expert viewpoint

What you won't get

  • - Emails or updates
  • - The coffee probably won't be free

Apply to join the network